Energy - Waste - Environment

We at Hermann Rosorius GmbH certainly cannot save the planet alone. Nevertheless, we can make our personal contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources. That's why we have been turning the small adjusting screws in our company for a long time, trying to reduce our energy and material consumption.

Emissions due to energy consumption of the building:

Prior to our move to Meckenheim in 2015, the existing building was converted to 100% LED lighting. In addition, an extremely efficient heating system with high support from solar thermal was installed. Since our computers and monitors were outdated at that time we were able to switch to energy efficient systems at that time. Our next project is a largely self-sufficient energy supply, which we will implement by 2024 using a large photovoltaic system. Further savings in emissions were made possible by the spatial consolidation of our two affiliated companies Kinetronics Europe GmbH and Kitotec GmbH at the new site in Meckenheim.

Emissions from journeys to the workplace:

Our move to Meckenheim meant that the Rosorius GmbH team was able to save around 500 hours of driving to and from work each year. In addition, one passenger car was completely replaced by e-bikes. After the installation of the new photovoltaic system, a changeover to vehicles with electric drive will take place, as only through the use of cleanly produced energy is the changeover truly sustainable for us.

Emissions from service trips:

The products we offer do not require travel for service work. As a result, we do not generate any emissions from travel for any repairs or installations.

Emissions from trade shows:

We have already completely stopped our trade fair activities in 2018, as a lot of energy and material is consumed through travel, transport and trade fair construction. Looking at the mountains of waste on the day of the trade fairs' construction and dismantling showed us that this distribution channel for our products is no longer up-to-date and responsible.

Emissions from sales trips:

Due to the nature, application and design of our products, our customers do not require presentations of the goods we offer. Technical questions can be fully clarified by telephone or video conference. We are aware of the fact that the statement "We do not conduct sales tours and demonstrations" may in rare cases discourage customers from purchasing products from us. We accept the possible loss of sales this may cause in terms of a more sustainable way of working.

Reducing packaging materials:

The little things make a difference: We don't use plastic tape and plastic delivery bags, only paper-based materials that recycle well. We get 100% of our inner packaging from Piel Wohnen und Schenken in Meckenheim. This inner packaging for glass and porcelain is absolutely clean and by using it a second time, we thereby achieve at least a halving of waste. The same applies to sturdy, clean cardboard boxes that are matched to the size of the goods. Incoming pallets are always reused. Precise descriptions in our web store and good advice mean that it is extremely rare for incorrect orders to be placed, resulting in additional packaging and transport activities.

Reduction of paper consumption:

By using modern software, we now avoid more than 70% of the previous paper consumption. Due to the permanent further development of digitalization at Rosorius GmbH, this value is constantly being improved. Even though it has been criticized from time to time, we now do not produce catalogs and brochures. This has completely eliminated the consumption of many tons of paper as well as ink, chemicals and proportional emissions from shipping catalogs.

Emissions from waste and its transport:

We are very pleased that by reusing 99% of all incoming packaging materials, we have been able to completely eliminate the need for our own waste garbage cans and co-use the garbage cans of our associated company Kitotec GmbH for the small residual quantities that arise.

Emissions from the production and transport of parts:

90% of our products are produced in a manufacturing plant about 30 kilometers away from us. In addition to energy-saving measures such as LED lighting, waste heat from machines and equipment is fed into the heating system in production, thereby reducing emissions. Due to the close proximity between the manufacturing plant and our site, we do not need any packaging and have only short distances when transporting the products to our site. When purchasing other materials, we make sure to plan wisely to avoid unnecessary transportation and packaging materials.

Recycling of our equipment:

The high quality design of our products allows them to have an extremely long life. Since all products we supply are made exclusively of steel and three products are made of aluminum, a perfect return to the recycling cycle is guaranteed.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification:

In order to provide an organizational structure for our efforts to work more sustainably, we successfully achieved DIN ISO 14001:2015 certification in 2020 and are constantly developing it.