Freight charges

Please note that shipping with UPS may incur higher freight charges due to delivery in an outside area. The freight costs will be changed when the invoice is issued.

Deliveries to islands are always outside areas with again separate freight rates - please enquire!

For deliveries to commercial customers, FCA Meckenheim applies in accordance with INCOTERMS 2020. Deliveries are made by parcel service. For standard shipping of 1 - 4 kg will be charged:

Germany 8,00 € plus VAT (except islands)
Belgium 15,00 €
Bulgaria 27,00 €
Denmark 15,00 €
Estonia 27,00 €
Finland (except Aland) 17,00 €
France 17.00 €
Greece 32.00 € (except islands)
Great Britain 27.00 € (except islands)
Ireland 32.00 €
Iceland (UPS Express Saver only) 130.00 €
Italy 17.00 € (except islands)
Croatia 22.00 € (except islands)
Latvia 27,00 €
Lithuania 27,00 €
Luxembourg 15,00 €
Malta (UPS Express Saver only) 150,00 €
Monaco 52,00 €
Netherlands 15,00 €
Austria 17,00 €
Poland 22,00 €
Portugal (except Azores, Madeira) 32,00 €
Sweden 17,00 € (except islands)
Switzerland 52,00 €
Slovakia 22,00 €
Slovenia 22,00 €
Spain 32,00 € (except islands)
Czech republic 15,00 €
Hungary 27,00 €
Vatican City 27,00 €
Cyprus (UPS Express Saver only) 150,00 €

For shipments from 5 - 32 kg, please find the freight charges in the download below:

Shipping costs 1 - 32 kg per UPS

Please note that UPS charges additional costs for parcel lengths of more than 100 cm. These are 20.00 € for shipments within the FRG and 25.00 € for shipments within the European Union and 32.00 € for shipments outside the EU. From a total length of 270 cm the UPS surcharge is 250,00 € (EU). Deliveries to private addresses incur an additional UPS charge of €4.00.

We normally avoid shipping with oversized boxes, because above a certain size UPS calculates the volume weight instead of the actual weight (length x width x height in cm: 5000). However, in individual cases we can not avoid this due to the size of the goods.

Shipping in the Federal Republic of Germany:

Please note that we ship within the FRG only with UPS.

Shipping in the European Union and third countries:

Shipping with your customer number from FEDEX/TNT or UPS is generally possible. If you want a shipment by DHL with your customer number, this is also possible. However, we are caught in a bureaucracy trap with DHL. To enter a shipment in the system of DHL, a customer number of the sender is mandatory. However, since we do not send shipments at our expense via DHL, we do not receive a customer number and thus cannot enter shipments in DHL's system. Due to this situation, in such a case, we ask you to order the collection from you and send us the DHL label by e-mail.

Please note: Series transactions in the European Union!

If you are located in a country of the European Union and wish a delivery to an address in another country of the European Union, you have to order the collection from us yourself for VAT reasons in the EU. In this case, please send us the shipping labels by e-mail and inform us when placing the order so that we do not charge the shipping costs. A subsequent cancellation of the shipping costs is generally excluded.

If possible, we ask in such a case to be picked up by UPS, because we have a special, additional form of bureaucracy in the Federal Republic of Germany by the "Gelangensbestätigung".

Why do we need a "confirmation of arrival" or "entry certificate"? For EVERY shipment to countries in the European Union, the German seller must be able to provide proof of shipment in the event of a VAT audit. If we ship with UPS, we have this confirmation automatically in the UPS system. If we ship goods with TNT/FEDEX or DHL, we can find the document in their systems under the trekking number of the shipping document, but we have to log into the respective parcel service system each time, which costs us a lot of time.

If the goods are picked up by a forwarder, we do not have this option. So we MUST obtain a forwarder's certificate. In the event of an audit by the relevant tax office, we must provide this evidence. Otherwise we will have to pay VAT on the total net amount. Welcome to the German bureaucracy hell.

Deliveries only to traders and institutes under public law.