about us

"Quality - Made in Germany" is what Hermann Rosorius Ingenieurbüro GmbH has been all about since its earliest days in 1949. The sophisticated range of external- and internal centring tools for welding technology in conduit-, system- and tank construction offers the user a quick, accurate and above all safe method for aligning pipes and flanges. Practical aids such as flange levels and tilt levels, centre punches or special models for orbital welding complete the product range.

The shareholder of Hermann Rosorius Ingenieur GmbH is 100% Kinetronics Europe GmbH, whose sales activity is the sale of antistatic products for the industry. Kinetronics' products have been sold to the cinema and photographic industries since 1973. The industrial products for the dissipation of static charge were developed at the end of the 1990s and have since become a byword for quality and efficiency in the fight against static charge.

Another associated company is Kitotec GmbH, which supplies optical products ranging from simple but high-quality linen testers and precision measuring magnifiers to video microscopes with HDMI or USB cameras and measuring software. These very extensive programmes are complemented by the area of length measurement using glass scales or the 'Electronic Scale'.

All three companies moved to the new location in Meckenheim near Bonn in 2016. This has created considerable synergies, as products from two or even all three companies in our Group are always of interest to our customers. In addition, we share a lot of equipment, which is why we can work much more efficiently and, above all, more sustainably.